YOLO!!! XD #quotes #EnjoyLife #Yolo

YOLO!!! XD #quotes #EnjoyLife #Yolo

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15 Ways To Level Up in this Game Called Life


1) Read

For knowledge is power. This is probably the biggest and most underrated form of luxury as it is overshadowed by “cooler” things like social media.

Stop surfing for random videos. Stop scrolling down your Facebook feed to see what’s up with everyone else.

Read. Reading takes you places, regardless of whether it’s fiction or non-fiction.

And here’s a little bonus stat you get: Reading boosts your confidence too. How so? Finishing a book is an accomplishment and you will feel that much smarter.

So read. Go to your local library. You may not be learning magic spells, but you’d open up your life to a new level.

2) Fall in love

If you want to experience the sensation of what love really is, then give yourself the chance to fall in love and flow with the feelings. It is in a relationship where you’d discover more things about yourself too.

You may be scared and all, but don’t ever let a bad experience, or a bad person hinder what could be the best thing to happen to you.

Even heroes need love too you know.

3) Or break up

From a toxic relationship that is.

A relationship with someone who’s not right for you isn’t the way to go. They’re anchors.
So muster up that courage to break away from that person. Breakups hurt, but you’ll be fine.

Singlehood isn’t as scary as you think. You never know what you’re capable of.

Besides, the next relationship will be better for sure as you’d have had learnt first-hand what a bad relationship is.

4) Do something that scares you, very much

Punch fear in the face. Fear is imaginary. It’s not real.

That’s how heroes defeat bosses in games. They get over their fears and face the villains anyway.

That’s how you’d realize how capable you truly are in life.

5) Travel

Life is truly too short for a world this big. We all share the same planet and it’s time we all ought to get to know each other better.

So travel. Meet different people, see the sights and start absorbing different cultures. I guarantee that your outlook on life will change.

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Believe you can! Aja! :)))
#quote #inspirational #motivation #Believe

Believe you can! Aja! :)))
#quote #inspirational #motivation #Believe

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Minions on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/68944189

minion madness!!! super cute &lt;3


Minions on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/68944189

minion madness!!! super cute <3

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Hachiko &lt;3

Hachiko <3

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I urge everyone to watch this video. It is truely inspiring.. :)

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sweet &amp; sour!!!!! ^_^

sweet & sour!!!!! ^_^

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cute! ^_^

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VERY NICE VIDEO! watch this!! :)) wahehe nakita ko lang sa youtube! XD 

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Original Concept and Composition written by: Sarene Cas

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